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What’s going on in the US – NAEYC and several partners collaborated to organize some sessions on federal policy and the election specifically for educators working in family child care settings. There were two sessions held on October 27 (in English) and on October 28 (in Spanish).

Also, The Erikson Institute has released a new report from its Herr Research Center, “Family Child Care Providers: Unsung Heroes in the COVID-19-Crisis”. The research to policy brief by the “Foundation for Child Development”, presents findings from focus groups of family child care providers from four states. Conducted from March, 2020 to July, 2020. The report highlights that it is critically important to understand the indispensable role child care providers play during the pandemic and the challenges they face while providing care.

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What’s going on in NJ – On October 19, 2020, National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER), released a report, “The Financial Impact of COVID Licensing Standards on New Jersey Child Care Providers” by Karin Garver. The article begins by recognizing the challenges faced by child care providers as they navigate a challenging and competitive industry, trying to balance the cost of providing safe, quality care for children meeting all state standards against families’ ability and willingness to pay for care. The report compares costs that child care providers face prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and the costs during the pandemic with more restrictive regulations. Two scenarios were outlined which included: 1) Child Care Provider; and, 2) Child Care Provider with State-Funded Classrooms. The article concluded that even in ideal circumstances many child care providers struggle to operate in the black. The COVID-19 pandemic brought many changes to daily operations and forced providers to meet the needs of their families within a more restrictive environment. The article brought light to the fact on “just how dire these changes have been to some unsung heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic”.

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Also, during the week of October 19, ACNJ and partners (including NJAEYC, NJ-AIMH, MSU, CITE, SPAN and NJ Breastfeeding Coalition) hosted Celebrate Babies Week! Celebrate Babies Week was an initiative of the Association for Infant Mental Health to bring awareness to the needs of our youngest children. 2020’s theme was “Embracing the Essential Role of the Caregiver.” This week celebrated the important role caregivers play in fostering the emotional health of babies every day! Ending the week, ACNJ held a webinar with Dr. Gerard Costa, Director of the Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health at Montclair State University, discussing the science behind the essential role of the caregiver in all aspects of infant and toddler development, health and well-being. #CelebrateBabies!

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What’s coming up– NAEYC’s annual conference will be held virtually on November 8th through November 10th Join NAEYC to experience new ways to connect with peers, presenters, exhibitors and NAEYC representatives to build your unique learning experience.

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Something you might like – In a blog article, “20 Reasons Why Early Childhood Educators Are Essential”, posted by Vanessa Serrac, on October 5, 2020 on the “HiMama” website. The article highlighted how early childhood educators (ECEs) play an essential role in helping to sculpt the children’s well-being, needs and development. ECEs specialize in everything having to do with children, which makes them a vital piece to the puzzle. The article listed 20 reasons why ECEs are essential and noted that these are just some of the reasons.

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Also, in another blog article, “Guide to Great Leadership in Early Childhood Education”, September 9.2020, posted by Michael Keshen, on the “HiMama” website. The article provides a guide to review what leadership means in the context of early childhood education and why it is so important and provides tips for you as a leader in your center.

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