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What’s going on in the US – Child Care Relief shared the results of a new bipartisan poll commissioned by the First Five Years Fund (FFYF) and Center for American Progress (CAP) which revealed overwhelming demand among voters across the country for Congress to prioritize emergency relief funding for child care providers in the upcoming COVID-19 recovery package. According to the new poll conducted by a bipartisan team from Hart Research Associates and New Bridge Strategy, American voters understand that child care is vital for families to return to work.

To read more click here: POLL: Voters Overwhelmingly See Child Care Relief as Indispensable to America’s Economic Recovery and here: Funding Child Care In Federal Relief Legislation


What’s going on in NJ – On Wednesday, August 12, ACNJ will hold “Strolling Thunder NJ 2020”, to bring attention to what our youngest children need to thrive. Although the COVID-19 pandemic kept us from making the stroll to Trenton this year, we will still raise our voices to remind state leaders not to forget our babies and their families.

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What’s coming up– NJAEYC invites you to join us on Thursday, August 13, 2020 for a virtual kick-off meeting for our members entitled “Your Voice Matters”. NJAEYC Vice President of Advocacy, Lindsay Pearson, will present a powerpoint on “Advocacy 101” followed by a discussion with the participants on what barriers they are facing in the early childhood community. NJAEYC will plan a series of meetings working with our members on advocating for the issues impacting the early childhood workforce and the children and families they serve. Please join us for our next virtual meeting.

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Something you might like – According to a new study by Rutgers University’s National Institute of Early Education (NIEER) concludes that preschools have more influence on the academic trajectory of children of color than previously thought which adds concern as many preschool initiatives are being rolled back due to the budget cuts caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Co-authors Allison Friedman-Krauss and Steven Barnett approached their research for “Access to High-Quality Early Education and Racial Equity” with one question in mind: “What would happen if all children attend pre-K programs that are of uniformly high quality?” The study states that “While high-quality universal preschool benefits Black and Hispanic children, it also offers advantages to white students” When the achievement gap closes, every child wins — with gains in social skills, executive function, and, possibly, bilingualism. Children in racially integrated quality preschools may also behave with more empathy and understanding than their counterparts who don’t attend such schools.”

To read more click here: Study Shows Preschool Experience Can Narrow Racial Achievement Gap


Quote we’re pondering – “It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.”—Maya Angelou


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