Coy Bowles for NJAEYC’s WOYCThanks to Coy Bowles for getting NJAEYC’s WOYC off to a rocking start!

Coy is known best as a talented musician who has made incredible music on his own and as a part of Zac Brown Band. Perhaps his greatest achievement however is being a super cool dad to his two little girls! His love for his daughters and his enjoyment of helping them grow has inspired him to share his talents in new ways to inspire, encourage and engage children and grownups, especially in these challenging times.

Coy’s appreciation for early childhood educators and teachers is evident as well in all he does. Thank you Coy for your encouraging words and for helping share the importance of creativity and social emotional well-being of children and adults! Thank you for celebrating and sharing an affirming message about the skill, knowledge and hard work of early childhood education professionals!

Gather with your children and join Coy today and everyday for “Behind the Little Red Door Adventures” live on Facebook (link: or on Instagram @coybowles at 4:00 pm for music, stories, dancing and social emotional learning. His books, resource toolkit and brand new CD, Music for Tiny Humans are tons of fun for grownups as well!  Also “check out his new music video on YouTube – The Dinosaur Dance