NJAEYC Public Policy 5 Bullet Friday- May 2018



5 Bullet Friday-
May 2018



Hi All!

Here is our monthly dose of “5-Bullet Friday,” a list of NJAEYC public policy stuff we think you might be interested in.

Anything that is BLUE, just click on it for more details

What’s going on in the US –

State of Preschool 2017 is a report from NIEER that includes trend data from 2002, when they first started tracking state pre-K, to 2017 + special section on state policies supporting young dual language learners.

Here’s the link for NJ report

What’s going on in NJ –

Each year, NJAEYC encourages its members, leading up to and on Election Day, to encourage community members to get registered, get involved, and vote for the candidate of their choice.
Recently in NJ, legislation was signed to expand voter registration and protect voting rights.

What’s coming up-

We’ve collected a diverse panel to have conversation on May 10th to help us to have better answers (and better questions) as to what this means for private providers going forward in NJ.

Something you might like –

Bill Track 50 is a website where you can easily track a legislator or a specific bill.  You can use the search box to enter terms contained in bills (make sure you put quotes around phrases).   You can click on any bill number and you’ll be taken to that bill’s page. Notice the tabs across the top showing all the available information.  Click on any bill sponsor’s name to get info about that legislator.
Review this Getting Started Post or this new user tutorial video for more basic tips

Quote we’re pondering –

“If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?” -Rabbi Hillel

Have a wonderful weekend, all!

 NJAEYC Public Policy Team


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