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NJAEYC’s public policy goal is to support a system of high quality early childhood education for all children from birth to age eight. We advocate for a system that provides supports for children, families, and the early education workforce.

Public Policy Forum 2012

NJAEYC advocates visit NJ’s federal legislators on Capitol Hill in, DC during the NAEYC 2012 Public Policy Forum on 2/29/12. The purpose of the annual visit was to establish and maintain relationships with each member’s respective US Senators and Congressperson to provide guidance on national policy decisions relative to early care and education.
Left to right: Leanne Weinzierl, Kathy Burke, Gigi Schweikert, Jay Joshi, Lorraine Cooke, Stephanie Curenton (not in photo: Joann Joseph, Kathryn Nicholls & Joanne Kirk).

NJAEYC’s work reflects the position of the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Our position statements reflect research and evidence from the field. NJAEYC collaborates with compatible organizations as a partner with the NJ Build team and the Early Care and Education Coalition, both chaired by the Advocates for Children of NJ. NJAEYC works closely with state government organizations and legislators on policies impacting the field.

Our advocacy education program is conducted for all those in the field to inform them of critical issues facing the field of early care and education and provides them with the tools to effect positive change on behalf of children, families, the early childhood workforce and system-building efforts.

In order to support a strong future workforce and citizenry, New Jersey must ensure a high quality educational system beginning with well-financed early childhood programs and intentional efforts to ensure children and families have necessary health, mental health, nutrition, and parenting support. To that end, NJAEYC has identified the following as legislative priorities for 2012:

  • Build on NJ’s nationally recognized high quality preschool
  • Promote the continuation and expansion of the Preschool through Third Grade Scholarship Program to the early childhood workforce
  • Implement the voluntary Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) for infant/toddler and preschool programs that will recognize and reward attainment of high levels of quality
  • Establish a systemic alignment of education from infancy through third grade
  • Ensure that all children, regardless of exceptionalities, have access to appropriate services and supports
  • Allow for parents’ choice in making decisions relevant to their children’s educational opportunities
  • Guarantee that all children have access to health care to enable them to grow and learn

To accomplish the Public Policy Agenda constructively, NJAEYC will continue to:

  • influence state policies relative to:
    • funding support for quality incentives for early learning programs
    • minimum credentials for early learning program classroom staff
    • expansion of state funded preschool programs and child care subsidies, including before and after school care
    • early learning program staff compensation;
  • promote developmentally appropriate practices for all early learning programs from birth through third grade;
  • advance NAEYC accreditation as the quality early learning doctrine;
  • epitomize a unified voice for early childhood education.



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