NJAEYC Public Policy 5-Bullet-Point Friday-March 2019

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Here is our monthly dose of “5-Bullet-Point Friday,” a list of NJAEYC public policy stuff we think you might be interested in.
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  What’s going on in the US – 
The Decennial Census happens every ten years. The Constitution requires that every person in the United States be counted-adults, children and babies, citizens, immigrants, or visitors. Census Day will be April 1, 2020.
The  Casey Foundation’s 2018 KIDS COUNT® Data Book warns that the 2020 census is mired in challenges that could shortchange the official census count by at least 1 million kids younger than age 5. This discrepancy would put hundreds of millions of federal dollars at risk and, in doing so, underfund programs that are critical for family stability and opportunity.
For a deeper dive:

 What’s going on in NJ –

As our state moves towards raising the state’s minimum wage, it could have a huge impact on Early Childhood Education, as it could impact things like wages for ECE workers, tuition costs for centers and families, and/or families’ eligibility for state/federal assistance programs.
 What’s coming up-
The Public Policy Team is very excited to announce that we have been awarded a grant from The Nicholson Foundation to work toward our public policy goals in 2019.
Our first project was taking a team of people to Washington DC for the Public Policy Forum Feb. 24- 26.
If you would like to be part of any of the Public Policy Team’s initiatives or activities, please check out the attachment and contact us at njaeycadvocacy@gmail.com if interested.

 Something you might like –

In lieu of talks around Power to the Profession, universal pre-k and pre-k expansion in New Jersey,  here’s an interesting read:  Putting Degrees Within Reach – Strategies for Financing Early Educator Degrees

 Quote we’re pondering – 

 “I realized if you can change a classroom, you can change a community, and if you change enough communities you can change the world.” – Erin Gruwell

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