NJAEYC Public Policy 5-Bullet-Point Friday-February 2019

5 Bullet-Point Friday
 February 2019
Hi All!
Here is our monthly dose of “5-Bullet-Point Friday,” a list of NJAEYC public policy stuff we think you might be interested in.
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  What’s going on in the US – 
As childcare funding is a huge bi-partisan topic in Washington, here are two resources to help understand some of the key elements in the discussion.
  What’s going on in NJ –

The Advocacy Changes Things Team (ACT) has gone live.  Last month, we welcomed new state legislators and introduced ourselves in hopes to educate and partner around Early Childhood Education initiatives (see below for more details about ACT Team).

We have 25 out of 40 districts and are still looking for people to help us out in Districts 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 13, 20, 21, 26, 29, 30, 33, 35, 38, & 40).  Clink here for a link that connects districts to NJ Counties and Towns.
Contact us at njaeycadvocacy@gmail.com if interested.
 What’s coming up-
The Department of Human Services, Division of Family Development (DHS/DFD) currently has scholarship funds available to support individuals employed by centers that participate in the state’s Child Care Subsidy Program.
If you have questions or need help accessing the scholarship, please call the NJ Workforce Registry at 1-877-522-1050 or email NJWorkforceRegistry@pcgus.com
Please share this information with others that might not know these funds are available.

 Something you might like –

Trauma’s Tragedy and Treatment is a five-part video series that explores how childhood trauma can impact a person for decades to come. The series delves into how Newark is trying to become a trauma-informed city by 2020.

 Quote we’re pondering – 

The A.C.T. Team is a collection of NJAEYC members from each NJ legislative district who have committed to communicating with our legislators when Early Childhood Education (ECE) issues are either being voted on or are getting ready to be voted on.
The general idea is that we will send you a short non-partisan blurb from NJAEYC for you to personalize and forward by phone, email, or letter to the legislator in the district you live.  Sometimes it will be a thank you, sometimes it will be educational, sometimes it will be asking them to support something.
Legislators prefer to hear directly from people who vote for them, not just from state wide leaders of organizations like NJAEYC.  Our hope is that this type of semi-regular contact will help our overall relationship at the state level.
Have a wonderful weekend, all!
NJAEYC Public Policy Team

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