NJAEYC Public Policy 5-Bullet Friday- July 2018

Here is our monthly dose of “5-Bullet Friday,” a list of NJAEYC public policy stuff we think you might be interested in.
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  What’s going on in the US – 
#FamiliesBelongTogether – New Jersey and 40 other NAEYC Affiliates signed on to the Affiliate resolution on family detention. If you have not seen it, it can be found updated on the blog (direct link to PDF is here).  You can also see it on NAEYC’s Facebook and Twitter pages.
  What’s going on in NJ –
Last week’s state budget negotiations had many items affecting kids and families, specifically in areas we have been advocating for this year.  In brief, the FY2019 budget includes more aid for public schools, expansion of preschool, an increase in the state Earned Income Tax Credit, a new child care and dependent tax credit, funding for child nutrition programs and more. Read details.
  What’s coming up-
The NJAEYC Public Policy Team is growing in our scope and activity.  We are in the process of working with two organizations to receive grants so that we can expand our work.  If you are interested in joining our team, please email us publicpolicy@njaeyc.com.
We are specially looking for people interested in Birth -3 and for people willing to be put on our Legislative Activation List (a list of people in different legislative districts willing to contact our state legislatures on different early childhood education topics throughout the year).

 Something you might like –

The Early Childhood Workforce Index provides a composite appraisal of the early childhood workforce in each state focused on: Earnings and Economic Security; Early Childhood Workforce Policies; and Family and Income Support Policies.
Here’s a summary of the research in NJ.

 Quote we’re pondering –
“There are a million reasons not to hope. Hope anyway.” – Nathan Hamm


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