NJAEYC Public Policy 5-Bullet Friday- June 2018

Here is our monthly dose of “5-Bullet Friday,” a list of NJAEYC public policy stuff we think you might be interested in.
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 What’s going on in the US – 
Sometimes there seems to be a disconnect between educators who work with children prior to elementary school and those who teach in the early grades, but new survey results find a strong connection between the two groups.
Here’s the results from a survey of more than 530 current or recent K-3 teachers.
 What’s going on in NJ –
Now is the most effective time to let your legislators know that you support pre-k expansion. Why? Because right now the budget discussions – and decisions – are underway in Trenton.
Pre-K Our Way has made it easy for us to contact our legislators to them know to FUND PRE-K NOW! It always helps to let elected officials know that you believe in high-quality pre-k – and that you want it for the 50,000 children waiting in our state and in hundreds of communities – including your community!
 What’s coming up-
ZERO TO THREE  is a national advocacy organization focused on ensuring that all babies and toddlers have a strong start in life.  They have headed up the #Think Babies campaign and worked with ACNJ last month with Strolling Thunder New Jersey.
We are one of four NAEYC affiliates that will be partnering with Zero to Three that will support alignment and coordination opportunities between America for Early Ed, Power to the Profession, and Think Babies; and integrate Think Babies policy areas into our Affiliate policy priorities as they are developed and/or updated.
 Something you might like –
National Women’s Law Center (NWCL) has put out a “Childcare is Fundamental Fact Sheet.” We think this is important information and might be helpful as you have discussions with people about Early Childhood Education.
 Quote we’re pondering – 
“To sit home, read one’s favorite paper, and scoff at the misdeeds of the men who do things is easy, but it is markedly ineffective. It is what evil men count upon the good men’s doing.”  Theodore Roosevelt
Have a wonderful weekend, all!

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