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NJAEYC 2016 Conference Handouts

We hope that you enjoyed the 2016 NJAEYC Conference! Below are presenter handouts organized by workshop title.

Getting to Know Boys   Presenters: Darlene Schultz and Dwayne Baker, Jr.

Get Over Your SMP (social media phobia)   Presenter: Cynthia Terebush

I’m So Bored- Helping Children and Teachers Rediscover the Joy of Play   Presenter: Moya Fewson

It’s More Than Just Management: Reflection Supervision   Presenter: Angie DeFazio

Piaget- What is He Talking About?   Presenter: Moya Fewson

Sensory Strategies in the Classroom   Presenter: Eleanor Campbell

Transition Techniques- How to Access the Power of Transitions to Refocus, Instruct an Engage Your Students       Presenter: Monica Levy



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